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My ability to speak

Nora Profit is the owner of California’s only creative writing school—The Writing Loft. She specializes in working with writers serious about their craft—writers who want more than just their names on the cover of a book.

She knows that good writing is the foundation of real publishing success and has developed a proven technique for teaching superior writing skills anyone can easily learn. She believes success is born from knowing how to connect emotionally with readers and publishers.

Nora takes her message of writing well to thousands of writing groups and writing conferences annually. She utilizes her positively funny style to illustrate that superior writing quality is not only enjoyable and profitable, but much more than a laughing matter—writing well is a strategy for success.

Nora’s Credentials

Nora is an award winning journalist, feature writer, columnist, editor and author. She is a featured author in Chicken Soup for the Writer’s Soul and Chicken Soup: Living Your Dreams. Her own books include 10 Glaring Mistakes Amateur Writers Make and How to Avoid Them, The Ultimate Novel Writing Workbook and numerous how-to booklets on the craft of writing. Nora has had more than 400 articles published in regional, and national publications, and is the winner of the Women in Communications Writer’s Award, San Francisco.

She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Journalism from San Jose State University with a minor in Political Science. She graduated with honors.

Fremont Area Writers
North State Writers
Central Coast Writers
Redwood Writers
Sacramento Writers
South Bay Writers
Monterey Writers Association
Romance Writers of America
Northern California Publishers and Authors
Sisters in Crime
University of Pacific Annual Writing Conference
Women Writing the West
Neighborhood Christian School
United States Naval Academy, Monterey California
Willamette Valley Writers
San Francisco Genealogical Society
Paradise Genealogical Society

Where I’ll be soon

October—Women Writing the West Annual Writing Conference, Walla Walla Washington

November—North State Writers, Chico California

January—Paradise/Chico Writing Boot Camp and Seminar

Organizations I've spoken

where I will be next

University of British Columbia
8 PM – Writing Centre
18 th
Trinity Western University
8 PM – West Coast Collegium
25 th
University of British Columbia
8 PM – Writing Centre
8 th
Trinity Western University
8 PM – West Coast Collegium
15 th
Frazer Valley University
8 PM – West Coast Collegium
23 th
University of British Columbia
8 PM – Writing Centre
18 th
Trinity Western University
8 PM – West Coast Collegium
25 th

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