• What not to do and what you must do. Your characters are what they say and how they talk.

    Consider the character’s personality
    Consider the character’s motivational history
    Never qualify what’s being […]

  • This week you’ll learn how to use words to influence readers and expand creativity; word power and how to structure compelling sentences. Words have the power to reshape knowledge and how readers see the world. L […]

  • Great sentences go beyond grammar. Science tells us that readers don’t read words; they hear them. This lecture explores how great sentences are achieved and why they are the foundation of great works of l […]

  • Rhythm: Readers hear words; they don’t read them
    The importance of how sentences sound
    The power of word echoes
    Sentence lengths and emotional impact
    Using rhythm to enhance meaning
    Barbara K […]

  • There is a science, a physical and biological component, to how readers take in the information on a page. The most critical is the fact that the words are heard. Another is the split second speed with which they […]

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