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Before you start looking for an agent or publisher, make sure your manuscript is as polished and professional as possible. Invest in a professional manuscript review so you can submit your manuscript with confidence. We have fifteen years of experience and know what publishers want. You will get detailed feedback and recommendations. You will learn what is working in your writing and what is not. But most importantly, you will learn how to fix it.

Fiction Review

You'll receive a written professional review and a one-hour consult on:

Plot and Structure

We look for readability, clarity of ideas, and whether your story has a strong plot and it is structured to hold a reader's attention.



We provide feedback on how well you have conveyed the premise of your story and whether it is interesting, unique and believable.



The success of a book depends on your characters being three dimensional and believable. We will let you know if your characters are consistent throughout and whether they support your plot and storyline. We will also look at how well the unique personalities of your characters are developed.



We look at the dialogue you have written for your characters; if it is strong, believable, and works to move your plot along. We will also look at whether the dialog helps to establish the unique personality of your characters.



We will determine whether there are loose ends that need resolving, and whether your conflicts and their resulting resolutions are consistent and in line with the intent of your story.

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We will conduct an evaluation of the marketability of your manuscript; the best place to send it and whether you have targeted the right audience.

Non-Fiction Review

You'll receive a written professional review and a one hour consult on:


We will evaluate whether the content is well organized and thought out, and whether the information within each chapter is presented clearly.


Grammer & Punctuation

Our staff is made up of experts in grammar and punctuation. We will inform you of major and/or frequent errors.

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Author Credibility

We determine if the author has established his/her credibility on the topic and/or subject matter.

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You will receive feedback on the salability/publishability of the topic, as well as, the presentation of the content.


Overall Content

We evaluate whether the work is concise, consistent, and professionally written.

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Full Manuscripts (300+ pages)

Partial Manuscripts
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