Emotional Impact: The Secret to Great Writing

Emotional Impact Makes the Story

Everyone wants to know the secret to great writing. There’s one overriding fact about writing great prose of any kind, it is the ability to create a strong emotional reaction in the reader. If you can’t do that, plot won’t matter, characters won’t matter and content won’t matter. Nothing matters more to a reader than becoming emotionally involved in a story. The caveat? Just because a writer feels that he or she has had an emotional reaction to a scene they have written, it doesn’t mean it’s going to be emotionally impactful to a reader. A writer can’t use his or her emotional sensitivities as the yardstick for how a reader will feel.

There are writing constructs any writer can learn and be sure his readers are emotionally involves. It is possible for a writer to do this every time, in any story, in any genre and at any point in a story. One of those ways is to imply what you want the reader to know; let the reader read between the lines. Readers read to engage their imaginations. So, don’t tell them everything. Let the reader guess from your hints what to conclude. If you haven’t learned how to create emotional impact in your writing, your writing may be classified as mediocre–work that is not bad, but not great either. The complete “how-to” for creating emotional impact is too involved to go into here. So, if you’re interested, look into the Emotioneering class listed in the class catalog. You’ll get a private Instructor-Mentor free with the class and your personal mentor will make sure you understand the concepts. She will also make sure you know how to ¬†implement them.

Mark Twain said, “Don’t say the old lady screamed. Bring her on and let her scream.”

August 13, 2020

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