Course Curriculum

This course tackles exactly what you need to know to write compelling and engaging material each and every time. You’ll learn what writing mistakes amateur writers make, what kills your chances of powerful writing, and what will tag you as an inexperienced writer. Not all mistakes are grammatical. Most mistakes come in the form of style. You’ll learn what those mistakes are and how to avoid them. A sentence can be grammatically correct but have no impact on a reader. This course shows why some writing works and why other writing does not. You’ll learn the science behind word choice and how to construct sentences that will achieve the impact and impression you want. You’ll also learn how to target your writing for your specific audience.
Lecture Titles
Week One: The Hidden Power of Words Details 7 days
Week Two: How Readers Read And What That Means To Writing Details 7 days
Week Three: I’ve Got Rhythm. Who Can Ask For Anything More Details 7 days
Week Four: Breathing Life Into A Sentence Details 7 days
Week Five: New Thinking On How To Use Words Details 7 days
Week Six: Dialog And How To Use It Properly Details 7 days
You’ve Earned Your Certificate. Congratulations. Details 00:00:00
Individuals that complete the course receive a Certificate of Completion and a progress suggestion card. Given your particular skills and challenges we have discovered during the course, we will suggest what courses or resources will contribute to furthering your writing skills. We will help you explore what your next writing step should be.
  • $189.00
  • 42 Days

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