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There is a common misconception that writing for children only requires thinking like a child and then penning the story you imagine. However, while imagination is important, good writing techniques are essential. Good writing is the secret to a successful children’s book. Writers serious about writing quality stories educate themselves about how good writing is accomplished. They know the importance of learning the techniques necessary for creating believable characters, compelling plots, and sentences that resonate with young readers. This class is designed to cut through the fluff, hype and the extensive myths surrounding writing for children. We believe in delivering bottom-line information that assures writing success. Our goal is to give you the skills necessary to be an extraordinary author. We give you publishing information, genre information, and techniques for writing compelling material. Children’s books have exploded over the past several decades and there is no reason why you can’t be a part of that.
Week One: The Writing Road Map Details 7 days
Week Two: Building Blocks Of Fiction Details 7 days
Week Three: The YA Book Details 7 days
Week Four: The Picture Book Details 7 days
Week Five: Myths About Writing And Publishing Children’s Books Details 7 days
Week Six: Getting Published-How Publishing Works Details 7 days
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  • 42 Days

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