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This is the information age and readers are eager to learn what you know. Whether you have in-depth knowledge about a hobby, avocation, or years of employment experience, readers want to read about it. This class will teach you how to organize what you know and write it so readers can benefit from your knowledge. You will get step-by-step instruction on how to organize your material, how to write like a professional and learn which publishing avenues are best for your material. You will work to produce a well-written manuscript readers will not only find enjoyable to read, but informative as well.
Week One: Getting Started Details 7 days
Week Two: What to Write Details 7 days
Week Three: Research Details 7 days
Week Four: Your Publishing Choices Details 7 days
Week Five: 30-Days To A Completed Draft Details 7 days
Week Six: Writing Your Chapter Drafts Details 7 days
You’ve Earned Your Certificate. Congratulations
Individuals that complete the course receive a Certificate of Completion and a progress suggestion card. Given your particular skills and challenges we’ve discovered during the course, we will suggest what courses or resources will contribute to furthering your writing skills. We will help you explore what your next writing step should be.
  • $229.00
  • 42 Days

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