Course Curriculum

This class focuses on the contemporary memoir often called creative nonfiction; writing about yourself and others with honesty, emotion, and integrity. If there is a real-life event or series of events you want to put into writing, this is the class for you. This class concentrates of how to tell a real-life story you believe delivers a message, or introduces the reader to a particular insight or life discovery. These types of memoirs are often categorized as: coming of age, adversity, relationship, career, and travel. This class is not for those who want to write a family history. This class covers the following:
Week One: Getting Ready To Write Details 7 days
Week Two: Using Novel Techniques To Give Your Story Structure Details 7 days
Week Three: The People In Your Story Details 7 days
Week Four: Point Of View Details 7 days
Week Five: Plot Details 7 days
Week Six: The Power Of Word Choice Details 7 days
Week Seven: Setting, Pacing And Tone Details 7 days
Week Eight: Getting Published Details 7 days


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