Course Curriculum

Traditional publishing refers to the established system of getting a book deal in which the publisher takes on all the expense and effort to bring your book to market. The publisher formats, edits, prints, promotes, and distributes your book to multiple outlets—domestic and foreign. There is no cost to you. Traditional publishers pay the writer through royalties on every book sold. They gamble on the idea that the book will sell and sell well, and work with the writer to make sure the work is market ready. This class covers everything you need to know to acquire a traditional publisher and to determine if traditional publishing is for you.
Lecture Titles
Week One: Why Traditional Publishing? Details 7 days
Week Two: Determining Your Genre Or Category Of Work Details 7 days
Week Three: Finding A Publisher Or Agent Details 7 days
Week Four: Materials You’ll Need To Submit Details 7 days
Week Five: Financial and Legal Information Details 7 days
Week Six: How Editors Work Details 7 days
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