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All writing is about emotional impact—how the reader feels about what they read and the emotions they experience. The stronger the emotion a writer can elicit, the stronger the impact of the story. Great writing is about transporting the reader off the page and into the story. Description—as writers are led to believe—does little to create emotional impact.
Emotional impact is created when the reader gets his or her information from reading between the lines—from making assumptions and conclusions about the events the author only implied.
There are two things our human brains do when reading: we see the pictures and hear the words as we read. This class reveals the truth about how great writing is actually done. It also brings to light the science of how humans read and what it means to create material with impact. This is the real truth behind the phrase, “show; don’t tell.” This course is all about how great writing is done and how easy it is once you understand the underlying principles.
Lecture Titles
Week One: The Science of How Readers Read and what that has to do with how you write Details 7 days
Week Two: The Description Myth Details 7 days
Week Three: Intellectual Understanding vs. Emotional Understanding Details 7 days
Week Four: The Real Job of Characters, Setting, Tone etc. Details 7 days
Week Five: Words That Kill Emotional Impact Details 7 days
Week Six: Sentence Rhythm Details 7 days
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