Course Curriculum

This is a no-nonsense class on how to write articles for magazines, newspapers, and the electronic media. The information is practical and market tested with lucid, concrete examples, and time-tested advice. The class covers how to get from an idea to completed article focusing on specific readerships. It also covers information on the business side of freelance writing essential for success. You don’t need a college degree, previous experience or writing credentials to successfully write articles and get them published. What you need is the information on how to think, plan, write and sell your articles. This step-by-step class covers what a career as a professional, full-time freelance writer with a byline people will recognize involves. You’ll learn how to submit queries and write a variety of professional-level articles for which news, entertainment, and niche publications will eagerly pay.
Lecture Titles:
Week One: How the process works Details 7 days
Week Two: The business of article writing Details 7 days
Week Three: About Magazines Details 7 days
Week Four: Information Gathering & Interviewing Details 7 days
Week Five: Query letters Details 7 days
Week Six: Writing the article Details 7 days
  • $189.00
  • 42 Days
  • Course Certificate

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