What Our Students Say About Us

“Nora’s uncommon way of distilling writing techniques is my favorite thing about taking a class from her. She isn’t kidding. She will read each word with a magnifying glass and help you to use words that will paint a picture for your readers. She will make you stretch yourself in ways you never imagined…and you will be a better writer for the experience.”

Paulie A. – on a Facebook post

“I am part of the VIP group and look forward to it every time. I think it’s been about three years of attending. My writing has grown in many ways. Hard to describe here but let’s just say: characterization, tone, function, use of words to create an emotional response, and overall rhythm has increased. Nora always has a new concept to share that helps make my stories come alive. I also like the interaction with fellow writers with whom I’ve become friends.”

Johanne C. –Executive Director, Programs for Autism Services and Instruction

“When I believed I had created a book worthy of publication, Nora Profit gently showed me the error of my ego. She mentored me in her kindly way through the process of developing a plot and structuring a novel that was truly ready to present to literary agents and publishers. Her Writing Loft workshops and boot camp, and her one-on-one guidance have given me the tools to become the writer I had always hoped to be. One who writes is a writer, but it took Nora Profit to make me an author.” Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, Good Value”

–Steve Liddick, LinkedIn

Who We Are

Our Philosophy

No writer should settle for producing work few people buy or read. We specialize in creating confident writers who are able to write captivating and compelling material each and every time.

We are appalled

We are appalled at how the writing industry continually fails to produce successful, powerful writers. Bookstores are full of how-to books on writing and the Internet is clogged with sites claiming to teach writing. So why then do the statistics of failure remain the same? Ninety-eight percent of everything written lacks the skill to attract readers or buyers. Ninety-eight percent of everything sent to publishers and agents is deemed un-publishable. Ninety-eight percent of everything that is self-published doesn’t make its money back and is often thrust on friends and family.

Our goal

Our goal is to produce successful, confident writers. It is this goal that informs the kind information we give our students. The road to successful, powerful writing is simple, but seldom presented as such. Our instruction shows writers—with examples and proof— what works and what simply does not work. The key to great writing rests with understanding how readers read, how much power is hidden in a single word, and how even the rhythm of a sentence affects understanding.

We’ve collected a set of writing truths and facts that ensure writing success. When you understand how words and sentences affect readers, you will forever write material that impacts the reader. It doesn’t make sense to take class after class and never write material that captivates readers. It doesn’t make sense to wonder if your writing is good.  And, it doesn’t make sense to produce work that lacks an emotional punch. In short, in doesn’t make sense to write without the confidence of success.

Steeped in factual information

Our classes are steeped in factual information—information you’ve never heard— backed with illustrated examples, optional instructive readings and continued opportunities to infuse the information into your writing. We are so serious about making sure you understand the information that we assign everyone a personal professional mentor who will work along with you on your work. We promise you will learn more in one of our class sessions than you ever thought possible—all of our students say so.

The Writing Loft


The Writing Loft was originally Northern California’s only creative writing school. Founded by Nora Profit in 2001, it is now an online writing school with West Coast acclaim. The Writing Loft started as an online call-in show and grew to serve thousands of writers who are now confident in their skills, write successfully and have writing careers. The Writing Loft is unique because of its practical approach to skill and craft—an approach that is easy to internalize and easier to implement. We are changing the way would-be writers think about how writing is actually done by teaching writing principles that focus on reader engagement.


We’e on a mission to change the writing industry by changing the devastating statistic that ninety-eight percent of all writing is so poorly written it can’t be published, or no one reads. Our mission is to show writers how to bring life to their work and pride to their writing. We want to teach writers that writing is easier than the industry would have them believe and we can prove it. We don’t have to teach you how to write. You already know how to do that. We want to expose everyone—both young and old—to a new way to think about how real writing is done.


Our vision is for everyone who wants it to have the ability to write great material. We envision a world where talent is not the only originator of writing that influences, entertains, and compels. Our vision is an industry where all writing has the power to impact a reader’s thoughts-writing that brings the power of story to life.

“If there’s a book that you want to read, but it hasn’t been written yet, then you must write it.”

-Toni Morrison

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